KPHIH.JPG当天气变暖时,we eat a lot of cold Japanese noodles:荞麦面(buckwheat noodles),,希亚穆吉(thin wheat noodles),,所以男人(even thinner wheat noodles),,Sanuki乌顿(thick wheat noodles- Sanuki is the name of a region famous for udon) and harusame (bean or 'glass' noodles).对于大多数冷面菜肴来说,以咸甜酱油为基础的汤或蘸酱称为曼苏峪使用。You can buy pre-made曼苏峪浓缩物,but to me most of them taste too sweet or are overwhelmed by a too-strong MSG or similar artificial tasting umami flavor.制作曼苏峪在家里从头开始并不难,而口味上的差异也非常值得付出一点额外的努力。

基础曼苏峪是酱油的混合物,糖和米林打电话来凯西(或)盖希勋爵honmeans"real"or"authentic")It can also be used as a flavoring base for many other things.你只需要优质的黑酱油,白糖,质量好的米林。它在冰箱里保存了几个月,or even in the freezer (where it will stay liquid) so I like to make as big a batch as I can afford to price-wise and fridge-space-wise.

这和Japanese essence混合,but doesn't include the kombu seaweed or bonito.如果你是素食者,你可以用凯西safe in the knowledge that it's totally vegan,再加上一份素食。Kaeshi also lasts a lot longer since the basic ingredients are indefinite keepers.





  • 4 1/4 cups (or 1 litre,the standard size for a soy sauce bottle) good quality dark soy sauce
  • 3/4杯/180ml米林(Hon Mirin,里面有酒精的那种,is preferred)
  • 3/4杯/约150g颗粒状或超细白糖(见注释)

Put the mirin in a pan and bring up to the boil;lower the heat and let simmer a bit to evaporate much of the alcohol content.

Add sugar and stir until melted.Add the soy sauce,让它慢慢暖起来,搅拌。它不应该沸腾-一旦它开始冒泡,take it off the heat.

If any cloudy scum has accumulated on the top,skim off carefully.我不能马上使用,but is best when allowed to rest for at least a day.

Let cool and store in a glass or other non-reactive,airtight container in the refrigerator.(我把它保存在有螺旋盖的罐子里。)它将在冷藏下保存几个月。



在日本,使用San on to(三温糖)或食用糖。

如果你对糖不耐受,a heat-safe sugar substitute should work,虽然这里没有测试。

米林是一种含酒精的强化酒,主要用于烹饪而不是饮用。Honmirin(本みりん)is 'real' mirin,用传统方法制造。You may also seeaji mirinmirin choumiryoufor sale - this is an alcohol-free (or very low alcohol) mirin flavoring,a fairly modern invention.我更喜欢米林先生,因为我觉得它味道更好(而且,更好的米林品牌只能作为亲爱的米林)

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非常感谢您发布此食谱!I've been wanting to make some cold soba or somen now that it's about 100F/38C here in Arizona and I don't really care for the premade bottled mentsuyu out there.My grandpa used to make cold o-somen for us when we'd go visit but I never found out what he used to make his.Anyway,horray for cold noodles!!

雷伊just in case,you'd dilute the kaeshi with dashi to make mentsuyu (I'll write about that next time) I'm glad you found it helpful!!


By dark soy sauce do you mean koikuchi (whats sold as regular shoyu in the US) or another type?如果是另一种类型,can you recommend a particular brand?谢谢!!

Is that dark enough?或者我应该用什么酱油?谢谢

Most of the soy sauce you'll see sold generally is dark soy sauce.Light soy (usukuchi) is generally only available in Japanese food stores (it's lighter in color,但实际上含盐量更高)。So regular Kikkoman is fine.

梅林…just means bottle of mirin.So what are you talking about??

Don think thats right,如果米林先生是说一瓶米林”那就意味着我橱柜里有一盒大石粉。”hon-dashi"is a bottle of dashi??

Whoa,this is a very old comment but I don't think I answered it.为了消除混乱,the"洪prefix means"real"or"authentic".因此,米林先生notmean bottle of mirin.It means"real"mirin,as opposed to say,“aji-mirin"which indicates it's a processed mirin flavored flavoring ingredient.


I mean to say that the better quality mirins do not come in an alcohol-free version.

Can you please tell me of a good brand of honmirin to be found in the US?你说伊甸园品牌就足够了吗??

I've never tried the Eden brand myself,但三菱是一家在日本杂货店广泛销售其产品的制造商,在亚马逊上,等。


Can I use Chinese dark soy sauce?它和日本黑酱油一样吗?If it is not advisable to use Chinese dark soy sauce,can you recommend a few Japanese brands of dark soy sauce that taste good?我们这里有日本超市。

Japanese and Chinese soy sauce is made from different ingredients.I prefer the taste of low sodium Yamasa but it is hard to find.Kikoman is found all over the world but the low sodium version is harder to find.

Chinese soy sauce contains mostly soy but Japanese soy sauce is mostly wheat.

Chinese dark soy sauce is actually less salty and thicker (aged?)它是用来炖的,焙烧,等。Chinese lite soy sauce is usually stronger and saltier in taste.

冷酷的索巴一直是我的最爱。对于这个食谱来说,非常方便,esp now tat i'm not located where japanese food or sauces are readily available.

哇……在这里,我以为它总是用komb做的,博尼托and those big dried fishies.....saw my mom making it when I was growing up,and always followed the same thing.....its about the only thing I attempt to make without measuring ingredients.

贾尼basic kaeshi doesn't have the dashi ingredients you mention in it...I think because that would lessen the keeping qualties.我有一个有大石成分的版本(见here) but it has to be refrigerated.That's probably closer to what your mother made.

You are the best.谢谢!!!NOw I can enjoy cold soba,where it's difficult to find.


I made this recipe for zaru soba with great success.Now I have a lot left over!你提到过,它可以作为许多其他东西的调味基础,and I was wondering if you could add some links to other 亚博体育iosrecipes or uses for Kaeshi.Thanks for making Japanese food so accessible - I love this blog.


like sweet things.In consequence,my kaeshi [if that's
鱼群的咸味。I wonder is this formula
unusual?In any case,它非常适合我。

再想一想,the ratio seems more like
1 part mirin to 7 parts shoyu- still a bit on the


Thanks,Maki.The proportions I used were
abstracted out of a recipe for Tosa dipping
经过试验,I got the ratio down
到7比1。In any case,尽管有时我会

Thanks so much for this base.作为一名大学生,我的预算是有限的,这个汤基是我可以重新创造的东西,把我冰箱里的东西弄得一团糟。可能根本就不会是日本人*,but its something easy I can turn to when I want something that gets me excited about my leftovers (and isn't MSG-filled).

For example,I had a box of decent msg-free chicken broth,低钠酱油,还有一些需要用完的蔬菜(胡萝卜,green onion).我喜欢把冰箱里的蔬菜随意扔到一个无聊的意大利面或米饭里(我把它们放在散装的地方)。
For the chicken broth version,I didn't have enough soy sauce (and on a freezing cold day when I didn't want to run back to the store),so I used these together with some shiitake mushrooms and it tasted quite good,虽然不是我称之为日语的东西。With just a little bit of tofu (also cheap and tasty),它使我的肚子一整天都饱(快乐)。
Now,if only I could find a way to make okonomi yaki on the cheap....

Thanks,I'm going to try this soon.我不喜欢店里汤底的配料表,so I'm very happy to find this recipe.I love your blog.

Dear Maki,我要做Kaeshi,用它做Soba蘸酱。我去了新加坡当地一家超市的日本食品区,发现了这种酱油:http://www.sushimania.com/uploads/tx_qrs/yamasa_regular_01.jpg

这是普通酱油还是深色酱油?我能用这个做卡西吗?Thanks so much!!


I just bought the shoyu yesterday.迫不及待想成功!Just want to check,after I made the kaeshi,can I dilute it with dashi stock immediately to make soba tsuyu,and store it in the fridge for convenient use later?谢谢!!

If you do dilute it with dashi,你需要把它冷藏起来。它应该在冰箱里保存几天。

我在找一个看起来很简单的食谱。Its a vinegar sauce (clear--not sure but I dont think it has soy sauce in it) that is served with harusame (glass) noodles in a local japanese restaurant that my husband and friends often frequent.就这样——只是放在淡醋汁里的面条——也许里面有糖?Have you ever heard of anything like this?我很乐意为我们做这道菜,因为我们非常喜欢它,而且当我们在餐馆的时候——它只是作为一个小的补充开胃菜——而且我们对要求更多感到害羞!由于卡拉

如果我不亲自品尝,就不可能说出来,但如果清楚的话,有点咸,有点甜,it's probably a sunomono sauce made with rice vinegar,salt and sugar.This page有一个关于瓦卡姆海草和黄瓜的菜谱,which you can work off from perhaps.

I have a favourite mushroom flavoured dark soy sauce,用这个代替普通的可以吗??

To make the Kaeshi into Mentsuyu,有什么建议吗?How much dashi?Just slap the dashi in or any special steps??

Do you mean something like a mentsuyu concentrate?如果是这样,you may find theJapanese essence更接近你想要的。



Hi I tried finding mirin,I'm from Singapore but its rather tough finding,so I bought Yamasa Soumen senka soup base,can that be used as well?我为两个人做饭,如果我想试试你的毕业证书,对我来说,调味汁的数量有什么方向?Any form of help would be very much appreciated

我不是百分之百确定,因为我从来没有使用过那个特定的产品,但听起来像是一个现成的汤基。You only need to dilute it with water to use.说明书应该在瓶子上。

你可以在美地雅良宫找到洪米林,但它很贵。They carry a variety of mirin substitutes though which are labeled as"mirin seasoning"或者类似的东西,for < $5 a bottle.

Fairprice Xtra also has mirin substitutes in the Japanese section,价格实惠,工作也很好。我记得我只花了3美元买了一瓶……

To make a cold noodle dipping sauce that tastes good,there is no substitute for using dashi made with kombu and hanakatsuo (you can buy these either at Meidi-ya or the Isetan at Shaw Centre).Sadly,我只是在尝试了5年的各种瓶装饮料后才意识到这一点…

I love this Japanese dish very much but I am not able to consume mirin or any sauce containing alcohol.Could you suggest an alternative?Thanks.

Thanks for sharing.Mexican amateur cook!!


Hi Maki :)
首先,感谢您在这个神奇的网站上所做的努力,and for making gorgeous japanese food accessible to everybody.
I was just wondering if you thought it would be possible to make this using raw sugar- I kinda dislike the processey-whiteness of white sugar.
Peace and light from New Zealand

Sure- raw sugar is fine!!