IMG: Lining up for ramen (lamen) in Paris.

There's an article in Food and Wine called为什么东京是新巴黎的7个原因,and a post that follows up on that on the Wall Street Journal's Japan RealTime blog titledParis vs.Tokyo: Which Has Better Food and Drink??.As a Tokyo native who currently lives in France (although not in Paris),I thought I have some qualifications for adding my 2 cents on the subject.While the focus of both articles is on which city is"better"对于一个对食物感兴趣的美国游客来说,I'll like to expand on that a bit.

IMG: Masataka Takateru

Whiskey first became widely available in Japan (least amongst the wealthy) in the 19th century,mostly in and after the 1870s,although it seems to have been introduced in the 1850s.Whiskey distilling in Japan did not get going until the 20th century though.日本的酿酒厂是由一小群爱上威士忌的人领导的。and wanted to establish distilleries in Japan.

img:nerikiri wagashi瓦加西

Kyoto,the former imperial capital,is the top tourist destination in Japan for many good reasons.A lot has been written about this city already,这是不可能用几句话来描述的-所以我不会去尝试。Instead,我将在一系列图片和简短描述中分享一些我最喜欢的目的地——如果愿意的话,可以作为明信片。Here's my first postcard from Kyoto.

京都是一个城市,在很多方面都是我的最佳选择。历史在滴落,has fantastic shops,伟大的艺术和工艺美术馆,and so many places to have a wonderful meal.It also has a lot of literal sweet spots.也许是因为它作为朝廷所在地的历史,where ladies influenced much of the culture,there are many阿玛米多科罗,or places to enjoy a bite of something sweet,both traditional and modern.


关于寿司餐厅基本礼仪的帖子,plus additional thoughts about 'good sushi'.

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Little girl eating soba

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A friend was wondering out loud on Facebook,why the kanji characters for fugu (pufferfish) are 河豚.She was pondering the use of 豚,第二个角色,which means"pig",but the first character 河 is a mystery too,since it means river - and the fugu that we know and eat today (or get all het up about how dangerous it is,这取决于你来自哪里)是一条海鱼。

Yesterday I spent New Years Day with my mother,继父,middle sister,her husband and kids.It's the first time in years that I've spent New Years with my mother.It's still hard to get all my family into one place - my husband had to stay back home in France,and my other sister is in Ohio - but it was still a lovely day.

Ourosechi(New Years feast) was a mix of Japan,France,英国和美国-除了传统的食物,比如西餐(炖冬菜)。,namasu,,ozouniand a whole roasted(sea bream),我们有chicken karaage,meatloaf,brownies,,布雷顿方铅矿(butter cookies) and a Christmas pudding!Whew.It's fun to enjoy tiny morsels of so many different dishes though.

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